Thursday, February 7, 2013

Heaven In a Mug

I haven't been feeling well today. I went to bed AND woke up with a migraine, and I already took medicine yesterday when I got it, so I have to wait 24 hours before I can take more (which is SOON, thank goodness). So I decided to make myself something SUPER unhealthy, but I have decided that since it is a single serve delight, that it isn't so bad. 

I got the recipe from something I pinned forever ago and have been meaning to try. Sophie over at My Happy Place is where whoever pinned it first. 

Are you ready? It is an amazing Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie! The recipe creates a single serving in a microwavable bowl, ramekin, or mug. However you decide to make it. She makes it in a ramekin, I made it in a mug. I don't own ramekins, but I've always wanted to invest in them. Gotta get on that. The mug worked wonderfully though. I didn't fret over the ramekin issue, because I've been meaning to try a single serve mug recipe again (I tried mac and cheese in a mug, and it turned out okay. I've been meaning to try it again). 

This taste just as good as a freshly baked cookie, hot out of the oven. So rich and baked just right. The dough even tasted like cookie dough before hand (it is a single serving, I am SO allowed to taste the dough right out of the mug of MY creation ;D).

so perfect!
Doesn't that look just... heavenly?! And because it was SO easy, the only problem is making sure I don't go and make myself another one!

Since I'm still not feeling great (at least my head isn't, my tummy is VERY happy) I'm gonna tell you to use the link above to go visit Sophie for the recipe. I don't feel like typing it out. Time to go lie down and count down the minutes until I can take more migraine medicine. 



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