Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Birchbox & Baptism

During the past two months, I have been receiving one of the most excitingly mysterious packages ever! Let me introduce you to:

Thanks to this lovely lady blogger, Michelle, I was introduced to this wonderful monthly beauty subscription. For just $10 a month you can get a box full of amazing beauty samples for women (there is also a men's Birchbox option). With every box comes about 5-6 different samples ranging from make-up to lotions to hair products, etc. I have become absolutely OBSESSED! I have been telling all of my lady friends, and they all agree that for $10 a month, it is SO worth it. And if you absolutely cannot live without more of whatever sample you received then you can go to Birchbox and order a full size container of the product. So here I am to share with you 4 of my favorite samples I have received so far from both boxes.

From my October box:

1. Mox Botanicals Lip Butter
Straight from Oregon, this wonderful little lip sample is made with shea butter and jojoba. It makes your lips soft, smooth, and this Birchbox exclusive comes in a lovely pomegranate & fig flavor. This full size item is $16.

2. twistband
In my October Birchbox I got just one of these fantastic hair ties, but for $10 you can get this lovely 6-pack, or a different color collection of them, for $18 you can get a 12-pack, and for $26, you can get a sampler set of 3 different hair tie collections and a 3 pack of twistband headbands. Yesterday I bought the sampler set and I cannot wait for them to come! These hair ties are made of high-quality, super soft, snag-free elastics, and when not worn in your hair it looks just as cute on your arm as well. They also don't leave any annoying crimps in your hair!
wearing my twistband
I will never got back to a regular hair tie again! I even went to the twistbandsite, and it works just like Birchbox! Buy a subscription, and get new twistbandproducts every month for 3, 6, or 12 months!

From my November box:

3. Shea Terra Organics Whipped Shea Butter Body Crème

This little 1 oz. container is made with sustainably sourced African shea butter. Basically it is heaven in a bottle for dry, cracked, wintery hands. Super rich and creamy, this specific bottle also smells like bananas! Bananas & Baobabs is the name of this little whipped tub of heaven and for just $18 you can get a 19 oz. jar. No lie, this is going on my Christmas list NOW! What a deal!

4. ModelCo FIBRE LASHXTEND Lengthening Mascara

Last, but certainly NOT least, my all-time favorite "sample" from Birchbox yet. I quoted sample, because you obviously can't make a sample size of a mascara (at least I don't think you can, but you probably can, but that's okay because I am sososo thankful for this) so Birchbox sent a full size tube of mascara in this month's Birchbox and I am forever grateful because to buy a new tube of this would run you $24. I have promised myself to use this beaut a little as possible, to save it for only the most special occasions because I can not and may never justify buying a $24 bottle of mascara, no matter how wonderful it is. This bad boy's description starts out "Falsies without the fuss". In the formula are tiny lash-extending fibers to give you a wonderfully lengthy fringe. It also has a little mirror on the tube so you can use it on the go, even if I most likely will not.

I adore Birchbox. I adore make-up and beauty products, so for just $10, I can justify this wonderful subscription, especially if I am going to get a $24 bottle of mascara along with 4 other wonderful product samples. I am thankful for Birchbox this season.

I am also thankful for Jesus. This past Sunday I made a huge step in my life. I got baptized. Like most people, I was baptized as an infant, and unlike most people I was baptized again at about 6 years old. Both of those baptisms were decisions made by my parents, which I am forever grateful for, but this time I made the decision for myself. When I was younger, I didn't understand Jesus' story and what he did for me that day on the cross. I just thought getting dunked in a pool was cool, and just agreed with whatever the Pastor told me because I thought it was the right thing to do. This time I knew it was right because I felt it was right. I've been going to a church that was right for me, that I have loved since the first time I walked through the doors. Liquid Church is a contemporary Christian church that accepts anyone no matter what your past. Learning Jesus' story made it so much easier for me to tell mine. I knew I would be accepted there, and it was extremely overwhelming, yet exhilarating to take that step. I shared my story, Pastor Tom said some wonderful things about me, and then he and Pastor Dave, with their hands in mine, baptized me in the Holy Hot Tub in front of the whole congregation  I heard a massive applause accepting me and my story, and then saw a flash of a camera take my picture.
Pastor Dave, me and Pastor Tom
It is a keepsake I will have forever of the amazing step I took in my life. I am so thankful for all of the amazing people over at Liquid Church, and accepting me and my story. 

In a few days I'll receive a link to the service that was recorded that day, so if anyone is interested, I will post it here for you to view. Liquid Church has LIVE online services every Sunday for anyone interested or looking for a new church who isn't living in the NJ area. All are accepted.

God Bless,
Chelsea xo

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