Monday, August 27, 2012

2-Ingredient Banana Pancakes!

While perusing the blog of a good friend of mine, I found a wonderfully delicious and easy recipe for banana pancakes! Go check out her blog, Whatever I Want, here and check out the blog where she found the recipe, Blogilates, here! I literally just made them this morning, and could NOT wait to blog about it that I just had to do it NOW!

All you need are 2 simple ingredients, that you probably already have right now:

1 large banana
2 eggs

You'll also need:

a bowl
a whisk
cooking spray
a griddle/griddle pan

Now, onto the creating and cooking of a fantastically simple AND healthy breakfast!

Step 1: Add the two ingredients to a bowl, and mash them up!

To mash them up, I used a fork before whisking:

Step 2: After the ingredients are mashed up, use a whisk to make them frothy and light.

If there are some chunks of banana left that won't mix in
just let them be! That's okay!

Step 3: Once the mixture is ready, spray your griddle/griddle pan with cooking spray (or whatever non-stick oil you prefer to use), and put your griddle on medium heat and wait for it to get hot! That step is very important! They pancakes cook quickly if you let the pan get up to temperature, and then there won't be any wasted pancakes!

Step 4: Now that your griddle/griddle pan is nice and hot you can go ahead and ladle the batter onto it, and in 20-30 seconds the first side should brown nicely and be ready to flip!

20-30 seconds later...

brown deliciousness!

Step 5: Once the other side is done, put them on a plate, and PRESTO! You're done!

Don't wait to dig in to these yummy, banana lovelies! They're fluffy, moist, and ├╝ber healthy! They taste like bananas (obviously!), but they don't taste like an omelette, which I'm sure is what you would expect, but it doesn't! 

And look! Here's a nutritional chart straight from the Blogilates website!

Look at all that wonderful protein! And under 250 calories! How fantastic?!

Not only are those nutritional facts so amazing, this recipe is also gluten-free, dairy-free, and all natural since there are no processed ingredients!

Healthy and delicious! It is possible people!

Go make these for breakfast RIGHT NOW and enter a Banana Healthy Heaven! Enjoy!

xo, Chelsea

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