Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I finally found my beloved Olympus Tough TG-310! And it was in the most obviously hidden spot... my car! Here's the story:

Two days ago I was cleaning my car out (because HOPEFULLY Daddy and I will be going car hunting on Saturday!) and as I was reaching over my bench seat to get to the old water bottles on the floor of my backseat, I spotted the oh so familiar camera case. It was in the pocket behind my front passenger seat! It has been with me this WHOLE time! I purchased it back in March after falling in love with my cousins on our Florida vacation because this little gem is waterproof to 10ft AND shockproof to 5 ft. 

Of course, with my luck, I "lost" it all summer and did not get a chance to use it for the coolest feature I bought it for. I am not dwelling though, because luckily it is still August, and there is still some summer left! My cousins are down this week, and we have a nice little lake over by grandma's house where we will probably hang out today, so I'm excited to get some use out of this baby.

So happy!

Don't mind the terrible picture above. I took that with my phone, because I obviously couldn't with the Olympus.

ALSO, the discovering of my camera could not have come at a better time! I have the most AMAZING idea for a new project I am going to start on right away, but it is a secret! I will be able to document every part of it with my Olympus now, instead of my phone, so the pictures will be 10x better, and it'll be a lot easier on my part! It might take me a while to actually finish said project, because it is a pretty big project, but I am confident that I will pull it off wonderfully. 

Here's hoping! Wish me luck!

xo, Chelsea

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