Thursday, August 30, 2012

Toyota Love

This past Monday, 8/27/2012, I said goodbye to my old green '95 Mercury Sable. Thankfully this is not because it broke down and died, but because my father and I went to the Toyota dealership near us and got me a lovely new-to-me '07 Toyota Corolla.
Out with the old. In with the new!

The new color: Sandy Beach. It just sounds comforting and relaxing, not something to stress about. Not that green is a stressful color, but my Sable was an old car. He didn't have a lot of miles for a '95, but he wasn't very reliable, and not so good on gas either. It was just time for me to get a new one. My father and I decided it would be best to do it now, rather than wait for the Sable to one day die on me and leave me car-less all of a sudden. 

Enter my lovely new-to-me Sandy Beach Corolla. We got her the Saturday before we got rid of the Sable. I love her. She has air (the Sable didn't), she's great on gas (35 mpg highway), and she's beautiful. Of course, she's also reliable, which is even better! I love her. I'm addicted to driving her. I find any excuse to go somewhere just so I can take her for a spin.

I miss the Sable a bit. He got me from A to B, but I started to just get sick of him towards the end. He was a boat, and didn't have air, and was just not nice to look at. His last act though was a generous one. He got me an extra $800 off the Corolla when we traded him in, which was definitely unexpected, but very helpful. Joshua and I drove him over to Toyota the Monday after we got the Corolla. It wasn't emotional. It was exciting. I loved him, but I love the Corolla so much more, and I am excited to have moved up in the world of automobiles.

I am so proud to be the owner of a beautiful 2007 Toyota Corolla, and because Toyota's are known to be so reliable, I am absolutely so excited and so thrilled to have her for a while. I'll keep her for as long as she'll last me.

xo, Chelsea

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